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Hi! I am a Creative Producer and Access Support Worker 

I produce work from devised theatre to multidisciplinary & combined arts productions

I’m a neurodivergent creative producer specialising in working with neurodivergent artists & artists with invisible illnesses & hidden disabilities. I work with each artist/company to best suit their creative development

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DYCP: Sustainable & Accessible Producing Policies

I’m currently undertaking a DYCP project funded by the Arts Council of England exploring Sustainable and Accessible producing practices. I am studying towards becoming a Neurodiversity & Inclusion Practitioner with Positive Psychology Guild & via the Carbon Literacy Project will become Carbon Literate in Theatre.

I'd love to connect with other creatives on this journey. 


What I Do

Lead Producer

 I work on projects with an eye for what best suits its outcomes and your creative team

Access Support Work

I specialise in working with neurodivergent
 creatives on funding forms and project management

Project consultancy

I offer bespoke consultancy on your projects e.g. budget management, project planning etc

Bid/Grant Writer

Including Art Council of England grants. Either taking the led on the application or offering consultancy.

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