About Me

“What does being a producer involve? I sum it up to friends as a constant chain of emails! Which isn’t actually that far from the truth,” she explains. “It entails a lot of organising of things – mostly my inbox! "

I studied in all areas of Arts Management from venue management, budget management to arts marketing at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.


I ran a Theatre AS Education reg Charity across Scotland and Ireland for 3 years before moving to London where I have worked as a freelance producer with various companies and productions since 2014. ​

What my Colleagues say about me

"Heather's a fantastic producer to work with - in control of everything, despite juggling many shows and priorities at once. She's communicative, enthusiastic and engaging. You always feel like she's working with you and you know you can rely on her to do what she's committed to."

Niamh De Valera, Artistic Director, Blue Elephant Theatre.

“Heather has excellent venue & press contacts that helped us immeasurably get important coverage. She understands the industry very clearly & is a real asset to any project”

Sophie Taylor, co –founder, Haste Theatre

“Heather’s producing work for the company has been invaluable. She’s adept at deftly handling relationships and communication lines and finding the right show and the right time”

 Justin Murray, Artistic Director, Catharsis

“Heather has galvanized our company and truly turned our next few steps into leaps.”

Georgia Murphy, Artistic Director, Mouths of Lions 

If you have a project you are eager to collaborate on, I would love to hear from you:
Let's work together! 


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