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BLOOD & BONE by Cicada Studios

 Part political satire, part pixar movie combined into a dark & cheeky adult puppet show. 

A colorful, kooky and downright dirty puppetry show premiered at VAULT Festival ‘17, after ddevelopment through The Barbican and RichMix OpenLab programme. 

The ensemble cast of four performers executed various forms of puppetry and challenge the notion that puppetry is just a medium for children;


In an abandoned greenhouse Ash, a heroic fern, Clover a soon-to-bloom flower and Braxlin, a sturdy hedge, will have to battle their way to the front garden to avoid being mulched to make space for a Hot Tub.

The three friends will have to work together to fight Narcoleptic Sunflowers, Vegetables on benefits and Donald Stump on their path to freedom. But will the appearance of a busty Rose jeopardise their chances of escape? Blood & Bone combines puppets, puns and poor taste to guarantee you’ll soil yourself. After all: Life’s a prick.


Praise for Blood & Bone 

“ I only wish that I could watch these plants on a weekly basis; so that I would be constantly updated as to what shenanigans they get up to.”

The Plays The Thing 

“This play has a bit of everything: musical numbers, sex, drugs, and German techno-loving mushrooms.”


“lightly peppered with political satire and heavily drenched in sexual filth.”

Scattered Opinion 

"There’s something fascinating about the way Rebecca Blake’s direction manages to weave in concepts of transcending the boundaries between puppet and puppeteer"



Director – Rebecca Blake

Associate Director – Angus Wilkinson

Producer – Heather Ralph

Puppet Designer – Oliver Smart

Stage Manager & Maker – Evie Holdcroft

Original Concept Design by Becky-Dee Trevenen

Devised by The Company with Angus Wilkinson and Joe Law

Script Edited by Ella Cook and Rebecca Blake


Tea Poldervaart, Ella Cook, Miles Sloman, Liam Steward George

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