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BOXMAN presented by Flugelman Productions in associate with StoneCrabs Thetare

by Daniel Keene

Intimate and deeply moving one-man play
We were children. We had homes. But they were lost.

There are more than 60 million displaced people on our planet... people who have no home.

Ringo is one of them. He is a survivor, a child soldier displaced from his homeland, sheltering in a cardboard box in an inner city park. He lives in plain sight but is invisible to the city around him. But inside his makeshift ‘home’, Ringo lives a life rich with stories and songs of a childhood far away, a family tragically lost and the complicated promise of a new beginning.

‘Boxman’ uses storytelling, comedy and tears to challenge our understanding the idea of home in a way that responds to the crisis of displacement that the world faces, and celebrates the resilience of people who despite trauma must reframe their own sense of belonging. This year is the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week (18-24th June), so it seems like an important time for theatre to raise questions about ideas of displacement and belonging. 

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