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Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze presented Mouths of Lions 

Family show suitable for ages 5+

Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze follows the story of the old man who never (hardly ever) sneezed. A Roald Dahl-esque tale featuring a live music, chocolate pudding and ever extendable nose hairs! Developed with the support of Jim Jam Arts, Theatre Deli and Arts Council of England.  


Based on the book ‘The Old Man Who Never (Hardly Ever) Sneezed’ by Jesse Allam and Illustrations by Genevieve Edwards. 



Primary Times choice Award 

Broadway World UK Best Family Show 

Praise for Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze


“Full of snot related humour, music and bubbles- a perfect recipe for young children.”
An Organised Mess

“Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze was a fun-filled, high energy show that kept my 4 and 6 year-olds attention for the full hour.”
Primary Times

“The story moves at a perfect pace, there are lots of belly laughs and I enjoyed it just as much as my six year old.”

“Mouths of Lions create an energetic and charming production that reminds us of the importance of friendship and helping each other.”
Sitting On The Fourth Wall 

“I don’t know a child that doesn’t laugh at the thought of snot and bogies.”


"Snot-tastic, fun, silly, entertaining, creative.”

"It was really funny when Stanley sneezed - YUK!!" -  Jessica, aged 4.
Primary Times, Kid Reviewer 

Creative Team 

Director/Adaptor - Georgia Murphy
Producer - Heather Ralph 
Lighting Designer - Stacey Sandford
Sound Designer/Composer- Tom Crosley-Thorne
Musical Director for Edfringe 18 Production-Catriona Mackenzie
Designer- Joanna Wright.
Composer/Musical Director during R&D period- Hannah Tottenham



Edinburgh Cast
Stanley (Old Man) -Oliver Weatherly
Ellie - Shea Wojtus
Aunt Tracy - Louise Dickinson
Sharing cast only;
Narrator - Paula Brett 
Musician - Hannah Tottenham

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