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JUST LOSE IT by Bric a Brac 

Interactive Promenade experience tackling world of weightloss 

Just Lose It, tackles the world of weight loss and studies our obsession with the way we look. International company Bric à Brac present you with a grotesque, interactive cabaret examining the world of a weight loss group and their hunger to win big by losing large.


Bin-the-Belly weight loss corporation invites you to their end of year extravaganza. Expect awards, motivational speeches, fun fitness and, of course, the end of year briefing from our lean, mean, sexy machine: CEO Brian. So, bin that belly, get that waistline into the waste bin and get ready to drink as much skinny prosecco as you can get your hands on.

Just Lose it was R&D at The Space Arts Centre in London in April/May 2017. This was my first time working with Bric a Brac, although I had worked with some of the companies members on other projects before.  As a collective the team at Bric a Brac are very self-sufficient in producing their own work so I came on board as an Associate Producer for this R&D period to help with the venue contact and press previews. 

This is a really fun show and such a engaging way to explore the world of weight loss and body image in theatre, and I am excited to see where it goes next. 

Praise for previous show ASH

★★★★★ Fringe Guru


★★★★ The Stage

★★★★    The List

"Once I started looking for it I realised how mixed the messages I was being told were – ‘be healthy’, ‘be happy with yourself no matter what’, ‘do this three-day detox to be beach ready’ – and I thought this could be an incredibly rich topic to explore.” Anna Marshall (Director)


Director: Anna Marshall

Assistant Director:  Amy Hendry

Designer: Natalie Jackson

Associate Producer: Heather Ralph

Devised and Performed by:

Roxanne Browne

Alex Hinson

Lisa Berg

Henry Lambert

Christina Holmbek

Alice Devlin

Hamish Adams-Cairns

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