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Rounds by Resuscitate Theatre 

Devised theatre piece based around true stories told to the group by junior doctors

Rounds was developed in 2016 and since being devised was shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles LET award in  2016, programmed as part of the Reveal Season at the Octagon Bolton, performed in Feb 2017 at the Blue Elephant Theater in Camberwell, London and was selected to be performed as part of both the Illuminate Festival (Wimbledon) and Off Beat Festival (Oxford), May - June 2016. 

Rounds features physical theatre from Lecoq and Gaulier trained actors interwoven with video projections and innovative set and sound design. 

Resuscitate Theatre has taken its time to develop Rounds, conducting interviews with Junior Doctors, and are very very grateful to the junior doctors who gave up their limited free time to help develop this piece, particular to those who made time to come into the rehearsal room and be on hand to answer any medical related questions.

★★★★ The Open Door

★★★★    Female Arts 

★★★★       Act Drop 

"We just found a passion in this story and we want to continue to bring it to light in the best way we as theatre professionals can. Our aim is to present the facts as they are, to give audiences a glimpse into a doctor’s see the people and understand them."

Praise for Rounds

"The theme is treated with great authenticity and urgency and lifts the subject matter above the feigned controversy"

The Open Door 

"Resuscitate combine physical theatre with an intricate script to create an intense and deeply moving theatrical piece."


"Brilliant, compassionate and moving performance"

British Thetare Guide

"We will always need a play such as Rounds" 

Female Arts 

“Rounds is a lesson in vulnerability; without vulnerability we will never learn and we will never recover.”

Exeunt Magazine

"This highly relevant play reflects the situation of not only junior doctors but the health service in general as more and more tasks and responsibilities are shouldered by fewer and fewer doctors, nurses, and carers."

UK Theatre Network

"Socially Relevant and Theatrically Brilliant" 


"Shows like Rounds are more important than ever"

Theatre Things

"Boldly tackles a difficult subject with considerable sensitivity and honesty."

Act Drop 

"Cleverly shows how grueling it is in the medical profession" 

Remote Goat

"Brilliantly articulates everything junior doctors endure and have been fighting for" 

The New Current


Director: Anna Marshall 

Associate Director: Justin Murray

Movement Director: Davide Vox

Video Design: Herr Video

Original Set Design: Naomi Kuyck-Cohen  

Sound Designer: Paul Freeman

Lighting Designer: Katrin Padel

Producer: Heather Ralph.

CAST for BET Production 

Adam Deane : Dr. Tom Jenkins

Nico Pimpare: Dr Kal

Penny Rodie: Dr. Lucy Wright

Christina Carty: Dr. Felicity Clarke

Alex Hinson: Dr. Grace Collins

Iain Gibbons: Dr. Dominic Cavendish


Tamara Saffir : Dr. Grace Collins

Roxanne Brown: Dr. Felcity Clarke

Daivde Vox : Dr. Giobbe Poretti

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