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STICK OR WIZARD? presented by Oli Weatherly in association with Mouths of Lions 

Solo show by Gaulier trained performer Oli Weatherly 


Stagedoor Audience choice Award 

First of all, this is a very special show! London Box Office describe it as  'Nutty Collective Adventure" and they are not wrong! Others have described it as a "Hilarious waste of Time" which is equally as true! 

Gaulier-trained clown and ancient warrior, Oli Weatherly, invites you to take a trip with him into the unknown and to meet two unusual guys; one, a man who dreams of the ultimate freedom – to be a Stick; the other, a Wizard.


‘Stick or Wizard?’ is a theatre show which takes the audience through the magical wilderness of Oli’s imagination. On the surface, it is a surreal comedy, underneath the story of a man finding magic and beautiful madness under every stone, in every shadowy corner and in the swirling winds of life.


"I'm working hand in hand with the audience.  Sometimes literally! Together. Always in it together. Looking each other square in the eyes, taking a breath, before peering behind the Wizard's curtain - unveiling the mystery of the magic.  No secrecy. No tricks. Just connection - Human Alchemy running the show!"

- Oli Weatherly

Part autobiography, part storytellin, part pure idiocy.

Stick or Wizard? previewed at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2017, Premiered in London at the Wandsworth Fringe part of the Fragility Takeover and SOLD OUT with an EXTRA ADDED SHOW which also SOLD OUT! 

Stick or Wizzard is like an unusual journey – for both the audience and myself. Not even I know what the exact destination will be each night or how we will get there.  All I know is that there’s a man who dreams of being a Stick and a Wizard involved.  But other than that, anything can happen.

Praise for Stick of Wizard? 

"Oli Weatherly is a seriously accomplished clown: his ability to milk maximum comedy from small gestures and carry the laugh beyond the point where it subsides to the point where everybody starts laughing again."

London Box Office 

"The entire audience was hysterical with laughter, and eager to  become participants in the wizard’s schemes."


Audiences Reviews

‘We laughed so much!!! It's nothing like anything you would have seen before!’

"It was a random selection, if brilliant, nonsense, awesomeness" 

"You get out of the theatre high, not sure about it, with a pain in your abs" 

"I had the feeling tonight!! He brought everyone to life! He brought out their inner child!"

"The show was an absolute triumph." 

"thank you for making me cry with laughter on Sunday eve. Was so brilliant." 

He is ".Open to the miracles of the moment" 

"Created a magic I know I'll never see again because he'll create a new one next time" 

"I was so inspired by Stick Or Wizard I taught my dog to jump through a hoop and everyone in the park applauded him. ❤️" 

Cast and Creatives 

Devised and Performed by Oli Weatherly 

Outside Eye: Georgia Murphy 

Producer: Heather Ralph 

in Association with Mouths of Lions 

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