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THE PERFORMANCE by Iain Gibbons 

A solo clown comedy by Gaulier trained Iain Gibbons 

A comedic solo sketch show following an audience member, performer and theatre usher, as they attempt to share the space and have the best time possible without anything going wrong…


The Performance is like most other theatre shows, in that there will be a performer, an audience and an usher on the door. The only twist is that Iain will be playing all three. If you recognise the theatre setting, you’ll connect with the world he is creating instantly; if you’re new to theatre, this show will show you how much fun we can have in a space that still appears daunting to outsiders.  

Originally, the idea came from a Charlie Chaplin quote that says, ‘Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot’. 


The Performance was previewed at the Wandsworth Fringe with Fragility as part of their Takeover in May 2017 and then Premiered at The Brighton Fringe as Part of The Warren programme in May 2017, where it was programmed as part of their ‘Pick of the Fringe’ showcase and received a 4 star review from Broadway Baby. It returned to London as part of the Clapham Fringe at The Bread and Roses Theatre, where is received a 5 star from Spy in the Stalls and 4 stars from London Pub Theatres. 

“Have fun. Enjoy the experience of being with people presenting ideas live in front of you – or indeed in any direction. Anything could happen, so be open to the possibilities."

★★★★★    Spy in the Stalls
★★★★       BroadwayBaby
★★★★       LondonPubTheatres
Praise for The Performance 

“This really is a belly-aching funny show, and one where the audience all felt comfortable enough to really let themselves laugh.”

London Pub Theatres

“A cleverly composed spectacle by one versatile actor”

Spy in the Stalls 

"The beauty of this show is that the lines between audience and performer are blurred with such disarming originality that no-one has the time or inclination to refuse the invitation"

Broadway Baby 

"Gibbons is a hugely talented artist with clowning techniques akin to Harold Lloyd and Jacques Tati, with more than a pinch of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean thrown in for flavour. "

Reviews Hub 

“It is as truly commendable feat to create a solo performance that lovingly pokes holes in the wider theatre-going experience whilst carefully treading the line between brazen parody and quiet comedy."



Devised and performed by Iain Gibbons 

Outside eyes: 

Justin Murray 

Sophie Taylor

Anna Marshall

Davide Vox 

Producer: Heather Ralph 

Photo Credit: Justin Murray 

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